When I originally created this blog I wanted it to be a travel blog. Just the idea of that seemed, still does, so wonderful, BUT I don’t travel nearly enough to offer advice to other, probably more seasoned, travelers. I can’t write about what I don’t experience regularly. I live in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Not Europe, not South America, not Asia, no. I live in banjo country, Georgia. My college campus and home borders the boonies, and, for the most part, I adore it. Being surrounded by wilderness, friendly people, and fresh air is wonderful; however, if I want to do anything I’m in for a minimum 20 minute drive. (Thank goodness I’m a hermit, right?) My point being: I don’t travel too often, even within my own state

A Bit of Britt came about just before I left for my third visit to the Man-Friend’s home country, Germany. For this trip we added Moscow and Rome to the travel itinerary, and I figured I would have so much to talk about. I didn’t…or, rather, I did I just wasn’t sure how to share it. Neither motivation nor words would come so I abandoned it. I deleted my two posts, and stopped commenting on blog posts from other people. What was the point? Why would I create a mini-relationship, of sorts, with other bloggers–the type of bloggers I wanted to be–if I wasn’t going to be writing myself? I didn’t really want to give up on creating and maintaining a blog, but I was lost.

Over the past month and a half (-ish) I kept coming back to A Bit of Britt. The title, to me, didn’t seem to fit a travel blog when I created the blog itself, but I liked it so it stayed. Every time I logged in I would spend a minute staring at my depressingly empty page and just read the name, over and over again. I think I was hoping a new “theme” for the blog would appear and I would know what to write about. It did no such thing, but it did kick start a slow realization. My title literally states that this is a little bit of myself. Um…DUH, Brittany! My blog should be about myself. I wanted to start this for traveling, and so that when I eventually make the “big move” to Germany my family would, hopefully, still feel connected to me…and so they could kind of experience living abroad along with me. Why should I wait to start writing about my life? My family can read this and feel connected to me while I’m living forty-five minutes from home.

I have a feeling that A Bit of Britt will evolve as my adventures take off, and definitely after the Man-Friend and I move to Germany, but for now it will be a rather mundane glimpse into a 6th (better be final) year college student’s life.


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