I’m restless. I’m not entirely sure why, though. I don’t know if I’m ready for a more strict routine, or if I need a change of scenery. If it’s the former then I’m in luck–classes start a week from today–, but if it’s the latter, and I feel like it might be, then I’m a bit out of luck for the time being.

My restlessness used to be uncommon. To fix it I would just get up and walk into another room, and, magically, that would fix it. Now, not so much. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve started traveling “more” or if I’ve just hit a wall. I’ve lived in my hometown for twenty years, and I’ve lived in my college town for the past three. My university is forty-five minutes from home. The scenery is essentially the same, there are just a few more foothills where I’m at now.  Twenty-three years of the same views and essentially doing the same thing every day is starting to get to me. I love my home, always will, but I’m ready to start my own adventure.

Living in my hometown and college town, to me, feels a bit like I’m participating in my parents adventure, and, in a sense, I am. I’ve left the nest, but haven’t completely cut the umbilical cord. I still rely on my parents for certain things. I’m also following Mama’s desire for me to go to college. (I wanted to go too, but I mean she did tell me that I had no other option-because of personal reasons, not because she was trying to guilt me into going or any other negative reason). So the way I see it, until I graduate I am still taking part in my parent’s adventure. My adventure is in it’s infancy, and can’t stand on it’s own yet. Come graduation it will be time for me to take the first steps of my own adventure. And, so far, the adventure the Man-Friend and I have planned looks incredibly exciting.

I think the growing anticipation of this new life adventure and a dash of anticipation of starting classes again are the main causes of my restlessness. If they aren’t I have no idea what’s going on. Fingers crossed that university will be enough to keep me satisfied until graduation!


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