My Indecisiveness Is At It Again

I started this version of my blog for family and friends to read, and yet I still haven’t shared it with them–with the exception of one very dear friend and PT (please excuse the random names while I find the one that fits him). There’s nothing stopping me from sharing this with them. No one would judge me, or have nasty things to say about my blog. The only issue is me. My fear/worry of the unknown or “what if” has stopped me multiple times from posting the link on my Facebook.

“What if everyone thinks my blog is lame/stupid/silly/pointless/*insert whatever negative description here*?”

“What if people think I’m copying other friends?”

“What if no one even reads it?”

“What if, what if, what if….”

It’s taken me a while to realize the answer to all of these questions is “Who cares?” Honestly, though, who cares if people think it’s lame, or I’m a “copy cat”, or if no one reads it? It doesn’t matter. None of it. The only thing that matters is how I see my blog. Yes, I’m writing this for my family and friends, but ultimately I’m writing it so I will have a record of my adventures as my life changes.

It’s easy for me to acknowledge that these things shouldn’t matter, but actually posting the link on Facebook or giving the link to people will be quite a bit more difficult. Easier said than done fits here nicely. At the beginning of this post I was ready to say “Screw it”, post the link, and move on, but now I’m reconsidering, again.

Incase anyone had any doubts, I can be incredibly indecisive and full of self-doubt. I take forever to make big decisions. I’m so envious of people that can make snap decisions and just roll with the consequences as they come. I have to painstakingly research the possible consequences of almost every possible action and then decide what’s the best plan of action. And even then I go back and forth on is it worth it. One of these days I may finally just make decisions and go with it. It would be a lot easier on PT, that’s for sure.

Back to the point, I think it’s getting to the point where I just need to act. It’s a blog. It’s not like I’m sharing national secrets. I’m talking about the everyday mishaps and adventures (or lack thereof) in my life. People can read it, or not. People can judge it, or not. It shouldn’t matter to me what people think or say about my space to express myself., or the words that fill it up. So maybe it is time to post the link and go with it.

Maybe I’ve finally hyped myself up enough to give people the link…maybe.


2 thoughts on “My Indecisiveness Is At It Again

  1. I’m proud of you! Share your blog because honestly, it will surprise you how many people will actually take the time to read it. People do want to hear what you say. Don’t be discouraged or embarrassed. Do it!

    • You’re right. I just constantly second guess myself. It’s silly, I know, but it’s a knee-jerk reaction. By Friday I will have either hyped myself up enough to share it, or I’ll have told PT to just post the link for me if I can’t. One way or another it will be shared.

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