Beware this Post Be Filled with Mushy, Gushy, Lovey-Dovey Fluffiness

I am not what I would call a touchy feely type of person. I could be wrong, but I think my family and friends would agree. So I don’t often adequately express my gratitude, love and affection, and overall thanks to them as often as I should. I wanted to take a post to express all the things I may not say out loud as much as I should, but that I truly think and feel about my friends and family (both old and new/soon-to-be). (And maybe to also butter up to my family and friends when they finally read this…soon since I’m posting the link either tonight or tomorrow) [Edit: According to Herr Rex I am a touchy feely person. I think he only believes that because he’s comparing the two of us, and to be honest, I am way more open than him. BUT maybe I’m wrong, and he’s right….it could happen.]

The (future) Mr./Crazy Cat Man/my more rational half:

I don’t know where I would be without you. Really, I would probably end up wandering the town looking like a lost puppy without you. You deal with my crazy mood-swings, and my incessant yammering on about whatever pops into my head at that moment–usually it’s something random and completely unrelated to what’s going on at the time. I look forward to our future adventures together, even if that means we have to arrive at an airport at the most unholiest of hours and sleep there until the trains start running (This will be part of a future post about our weekend trip to Moscow. Who goes to Russia for three days? We do, that’s who.) Even though you can be so freaking difficult to work with some days (and vice versa) I couldn’t ask for a better “life battle buddy,” as you would say.


The people that have claimed me since birth:

Thanks for accepting my lifelong weirdness. I mean, really, who else would let their daughter/granddaughter/sister/niece/cousin walk around wearing a hairnet (snood) that she picked up from the Renaissance Fair besides y’all? Most families would probably shut that weirdness down. My oddball fashion and activities didn’t stop at wearing horrendously outdated, hideous hairnets. I also didn’t leave the house for days, watched way too much TV (and movies, watching the x-men movies 7 times in a row back to back is not healthy), hiding in my room in the dark, you know, normal weird kid stuff. Y’all have gone above and beyond to give me the best childhood I could imagine, from handmade swords to building an awesome tree house to taking me on a 10 o’clock “medicinal” doughnut/donut (whichever way you prefer to spell it) run to so  much more. Everyone has helped shape me into the person I am today, even though I ended up being the complete opposite of y’all (oops). We may not always get along, we may get annoyed by each others actions, beliefs, or viewpoints, but I know that y’all would drop everything to help me.

My family to-be:

Every single one of you opened your homes and hearts to me. I was so nervous to meet y’all. I was afraid that I would mess up, or we just wouldn’t click and then there I’d be in Germany for three weeks making everyone feel awkward. Thankfully that wasn’t the case. I cannot express the depth of my gratitude for everything you have done for me over the past two years, and for everything you will do for me in the future (Wedding planning being the first and foremost thought on my mind. Thank you for helping us.) I am honored to be able to join your family, and I cannot wait to create even more memories together–and to finally be able to understand and speak to everyone without a translator. I get so frustrated when I can’t adequately express myself so the day I can have a conversation completely in German will be a fantastic day.


AH! I have friends! SURPRISE!

To my friends from college:

Life would have been so sucky without y’all. I met most of you my freshman year, and we built quick friendships. I have created what I hope to be lifelong friendships with most of you. We can go months without speaking because of our crazy lives, but the moment we do talk it’s as if no time has passed. We can pick up right where we left off. Some of us have had rough patches, but for the most part we have it out, maybe shed a tear or two, fix it, and then continue forward. Each one of you has helped me grow, mentally and emotionally, but (sadly) not physically–I’ll forever be a shorty.

To my friends from high school:

Most of us don’t talk much, if at all, but you made high school a bit more bearable. Even though we may not talk, I do enjoy seeing your accomplishments on Facebook–admitting I’m a creeper here. I think I only talk semi-regularly to one friend from high school at this point in my life (She’s fantastic! I truly hope we always keep in contact). It makes me a little sad sometimes. My close friends from high school have all moved on, as you do, but I often find myself typing up messages to them asking them how they’ve been and telling them that I miss them. I’ve never sent one, though. Maybe one day I will, but I’m not sure if my place is in their life anymore, or if theirs is in mine. Even if we aren’t meant to be friends any more I am still so thankful and appreciative for them. I’ve learned lessons, pulled myself out of a multi-year funk, discovered that I do, in fact, have a sense of humor–took 16 years, but it’s there–, and so much more with their help.

I have been blessed with the people that have come into my life. Thank you all for everything you have done, are doing, and will do. I wouldn’t be who I am without y’all.

Now back to our regularly scheduled not so touchy feely posts.


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