When it Snows in the South

Snow: beautiful, white, majestic, something the South doesn’t see too often. Instead we get ice with a slight dusting of snow. When winter weather hits Northern Georgia the shit usually hits the fan, and this time was no different. I was beginning to think we’d missed winter this year, but I was wrong. Monday was the beginning of what people have dubbed “Icepocalypse 2015.” We are quite the creative bunch, aren’t we? Everything froze, I’m not exaggerating. Power lines were covered in ice, my car was iced shut, trees were covered in ice and began breaking and falling on the power lines. Most of the town has been without electricity and internet since Monday night. We got lucky, our power was only out Monday night to Tuesday morning. Internet was another story, it only came back on today. I can’t complain, though my brother still doesn’t have electricity. (His poor Beta fish, Bubba, almost died. He loves that thing.) There are some parts of the area that still have no power, downed power lines, and trees strewn about like play things. I’ve never seen ice cause this much damage, probably because I live in the South where we’re used to heat and humidity.

So basically I’ve been hanging out in my house doing almost nothing for the past three days because our life is ridiculous. The North has record breaking snowfall and doesn’t shut down, we have a bit of snow and a shit ton of ice and we’re out for the count. I give mad props to the electric companies, tree removal companies, police, and other first responders that have gone out of their way to clear the roads and get the electricity back up for those without it.

Hopefully the post I’ve been working on will be up soon(ish), assuming we don’t lose power again.


6 thoughts on “When it Snows in the South

      • GROSS! Our weather can bounce around a lot during the week, but it’s not too bad. It gets warm when it’s supposed to so that’s all that matters to me

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