After a hellacious series of flights I have arrived in Germany. Commence the merrymaking!

After what I can only classify as several flights from Hell I am finally in Germany. To save you from to gross of a picture I’ll just say thanks to a migraine I ended up tossing my cookies on not one, but TWO flights. I feel so awful for the flight attendants and the poor people on the plane, but it really couldn’t be helped. At least they were all nice to me. A shower, brushed teeth, and eighteen hours of sleep (you read that right) fixed me all up, though. So, needless to say, today was considerably better than yesterday. Nothing spectacular happened, and that was fine by me. I don’t think I could have handled it anyway, to be honest. Sometimes boring days are the best kind of days…but please don’t quote me on that–I’ll probably change my mind tomorrow. On the itinerary for tomorrow is Munich (again). Only this time we’ll have the camera.


6 thoughts on “After a hellacious series of flights I have arrived in Germany. Commence the merrymaking!

    • Thank you! I feel amazing today compared to yesterday. I couldn’t either until yesterday. Now it’s my goal to never have to experience it again.

  1. At least it wasn’t twice on yourself, I hope :/ So glad you made it! Feel better, let yourself stop stressing about everything, and just enjoy yourself! I am jealous, but between your blog and pictures I will survive 😉

    • Oh girl, I wish I’d managed that. At least it wasn’t on my clothes. It’s the little things that keep me going in times like that. I’m so happy to be here. Once we start taking more pictures I’ll be sure to post them. I’ll be going to my second rugby game ever on Saturday so that may make an appearance. I hope y’all get stationed somewhere awesome (cough Germany cough) when y’all get your next duty station. It’d be so nice to see you both! I miss you! ❤

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