I’m coming home, Georgia, but I’m not excited about it

I am diligently trying to avoid filling out applications for a job and the realization that in a few hours I’m getting on a train headed to Munich by myself to return the the States. I’m not ready to go back to Georgia, at all. Actually, I’ve been trying to convince myself not to just say “screw it” and stay. It’s worked, but only because Herrball and I are getting married in a couple months and he’ll be there for two more years. So in order to maybe make myself a little less sad I’m going to try to list off the things I love about my state, and maybe I’ll become a little more excited to return home. (I also just don’t want to get on another plane for a while after my last experience)

1. Coke

The real coke, not the freakishly sweet stuff Germany calls Coca Cola

2. Chick-Fil-A

A.K.A. Truett Cathy’s delicious gift to the South (and eventually all of the US) It’s delicious chicken (nuggets, strips,                sandwich, soup) with waffle fries (if you want), and I love it.

3. Grits

Ground corn meal. Basically it’s porridge, but I put so much butter in there it’s just an artery clogging, salty mess of               yum. Normal people eat it for breakfast. I eat it anytime, because why limit deliciousness to one particular meal.

4. The landscape (Small note here: Middle Georgia is a wasteland. Okay, not really. I just prefer North Georgia and the Coast)

We don’t have the towering mountains like the Alps or the Rockies out west, but they’re still beautiful, and full of                     waterfalls and great hiking spots. If that’s your thing.

5. My family & friends

Most of my family and friends are there so that’s a plus.

6. The weather

For the most part Georgia has relatively nice weather. And by nice I mean warm. (Really I bet we have more pollen             annually than we do snow)

7. My cats are there

Don’t judge me.

That’s all I’ve got at the moment. That’s not all I love about the state I’m from, but in my current Debbie Downer mentality it’s all I can come up with. Damn it Germany you keep weaseling your way under my skin to the point where I’m sadder to leave a country that I don’t really have any permanent ties to (unless you count my soon-to-be family) than I am to leave the place I’ve called home for 24 years now. What is this nonsense?


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