A short word on bravery (A.K.A A repsonse to a lot of really awful shit I’ve seen on the internet about bravery)

Okay, I never intended to write this post. Actually, I’ve dutifully avoided putting these feelings into written words, hell even spoken words, for years, but the Caitlyn Jenner story is the final straw, or, rather, the aftermath is.

Here is where I will state that if you do not want to hear about Caitlyn Jenner, or hear about her being referred to her as a “she” or “her”, or if you believe that bravery falls into only a few categories then maybe you should skip this post.

I will start by saying that telling the world, in a public manner to boot, that she is a woman and will physically change to match takes bravery. Her money and her fame does not change that. What I have seen strewn across the internet has ranged from positive support to something that just angers me to my core. I have seen multiple people refer to her as a “him” or by her former name, and then proceed to spew long, hate-filled rants about how what she’s doing (although they used “he”) isn’t brave, that true bravery is what America’s military members have. Joining the military doesn’t automatically make someone brave. Bravery is a choice. Bravery is also not something that is limited. A small child can be brave for going to school for the first time, people can be brave in the face of cancer–whether they have it or a loved one does–, for fighting in a war, AND for opening up about being transgendered. To try to tear someone down because you disagree with their certain brand of bravery or lifestyle is shameful. It saddens me to know that in 2015 people are still freaking out about how someone lives their life when it doesn’t affect them in any way. Please go outside and smells some flowers or pet a small, cute animal, and just focus on your life, because that’s the only one you can control or should have a valid opinion about.


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