I have a question for anyone that would like to answer.

Do you find yourself subconsciously changing your outward appearance, mannerisms, or way of thinking, in response to your new home or place you visit frequently?

I am genuinely curious to see answers to this question. I don’t mean for this to be an expat only question, either. If you’ve changed towns in the same state, moved states, moved countries, studied abroad, or if you just love a place and you’ve noticed yourself taking on habits, fashion choices, mannerisms, etc of another place I want to hear from you.

I have recently been told, a few times now, that I have a–and I quote–“European style.” A small part of me did a cartwheel and cheered about being able to blend in a bit more. There isn’t one “European style” obviously, but I think the vast majority of Americans picture Europeans as chic and well dressed at all times. [A minor reality check for Americans: Each individual in each country has their own sense of fashion, and while there may be similarities in a country it doesn’t mean everyone is immaculately dressed. Germany, I’m looking at you and your overwhelming acceptance of socks and sandals. No. If it’s not warm enough outside to not wear socks then it’s not warm enough to wear sandals.] This comment on my clothes got me thinking, am I actually subconsciously changing the way I dress to blend in, OR is it just a coincidence and I’m just choosing clothes that can be seen as “European”? Has anyone else experienced this, or something similar/more extreme than this. Is this as weird as I think it is? Probably. Do I feel a bit like a poser? Definitely. Will I stop asking myself questions now. Yes.

Please share your experiences, or your friends experiences. I really want to know.


2 thoughts on “I have a question for anyone that would like to answer.

  1. I’d like to think this is very normal. I spent a couple of weeks in Singapore and I quickly picked the accent. I believe we tend to mimic the people we spend time with especially the ones we like.

    • I think you’re right. I know that there are some things I do on purpose in order to blend in, like picking up different table manners. I don’t like to stand out if I can help it. The smaller things, or things that change every few years anyway (like my sense of fashion) are harder for me to notice.

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