Welcome to “Days of our Arachnid Lives”

I’m pretty sure I’m about to witness an arachnid murder in cold blood in my bathroom. I have watched this one spider slowly work its way across my bathroom. It’s built tiny web after tiny web across the baseboard. I didn’t realize what it was doing until tonight, because does a spider really need to check out each piece of reality before deciding on the best place to settle down? NO IT DOES NOT! Instead it was working its way to another, much smaller, spider. HOW OH HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS COMING?! If I knew I would have saved it (not really), but it’s too late. The poor little (hella creepy) spider is about to be cannibalized by a larger (even creepier) spider. Living in a basement really allows you to experience what it’s like to be arachnologist (not really) out there studying these beautiful (gross) creatures (monsters) and their everyday habits (eating other spiders because “hell there’s nothing else to do, and I’m a spider, I do weird shit for fun”).


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