I embarrass myself again (when do I not?)

Because I already share way too much information with y’all already here’s another TMI story for you. We went to the beach again today and royally enjoyed ourselves, even though we did see a small shark rather close to us. (Side note: My husband and his family and friends have made fun of me for having a fear of sharks. They also didn’t believe me when I said that sharks came into shallow waters. Guess who was right? THIS CHICK! Y’all gonna learn today!) The day before Herrball got stung, stabbed is a better word, by a stingray, so he was a little apprehensive about walking around in the water, but everything ended up okay. We packed up as a storm started rolling in after spending several hours in the blaring sun and murky water (yay great coverage for sharks!).

Everything was hunky-dory until I got in the shower. Whilst soaping up I noticed I had something attached to my butt. I look and it looked like a mole decided it didn’t like living there anymore so it was just going to flake off. Okay, so I have to admit my first thoughts are always something super dumb like that. I mean, that’s clearly not how things work, but that’s the best my mind can come up with, apparently. I am clearly no genius.

What was this mole imposter, you ask? A tick. A tiny, disgusting tick. How did it get there? I have no idea. Who goes to the beach and picks up a tick? Me, apparently. So, PSA for the day: Check yourself for ticks, always. If you do have a tick take it off with tweezers (CDC says that’s the correct way to do it, so don’t yell at me), keep an eye on the bite, and if it starts to look off you should probably go to the doctor.

Now that I’ve thoroughly embarrassed myself I will go back to working on my wedding post, and waiting for everyone to get ready for dinner…whenever that may be. [If no one thinks this is funny, then that’s fine. My mom thinks it was hilarious…probably because she’s my mom and she has to.]


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