The (long awaited) Wedding Post

Hey-o! Wedding day post is finally here. It was a wonderfully short affair, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Seriously, the pictures took longer than the ceremony did. We drove to St. Simons two days before our ceremony to meet up with Herrball’s parents. Yes, I said drove. You all know how much I adore road trips. This time it was different because I drove. I handle long car rides a lot better in the driver’s seat. Also, because I’m occasionally horrible person, I did not want to be stuck in the back of the car with three other people. Cramming five people, plus all their luggage (oh so much luggage), into a Pathfinder did not give us much room…unless you were sitting up front. Granted, everyone slept most of the way there so I don’t feel too terribly bad (that’s a lie, I feel awful, but there weren’t many other options).

The day before the wedding we went to scope out where we were having the ceremony, since, ya know, we didn’t do that to begin with. It’s not typically a great idea to not go look at your ceremony site before your wedding, but we lucked in. I relied on other people’s pictures to know what Driftwood Beach looked like–THANK YOU GOOGLE! Herrball kind of lives his life by “just put all your eggs in one basket,” which terrifies me, but whatever. It worked, though, so there’s that–it’s still not the best way to live your life, lovely. However, I do have to admit that it did, technically work out in our favor this time.

With the knowledge that the ceremony site was as stunning in person as it was in the pictures I was even more excited for the next day. I was even happy to get up early to go get my make-up done. Now that’s saying something, the sleeping beauty wannabe was happy to get up before 11. With our make-up done all I needed to do was put on my dress, not an issue, but I decided to wait until the photographer was there. I waited, and waited, and waited, patiently and happily I might add, for him to show up an hour after he was supposed to be there. I didn’t get to take the one picture I wanted–the before the wedding bride reveal–but I honestly didn’t even care. My parents were, understandably, pissed as hell, but I was definitely riding those happy vibes. The photographer tried to madk up for being late by staying way longer than he was scheduled to; however, that didn’t help my parents’ feelings as he didn’t really take any pictures of my step-dad and I or my parents and siblings. He very much rooted himself on their bad side. As the atypical, non-caring bride I was relatively okay with everything. (Weird, I know)

The beach was covered with people, but they were all super sweet and were quiet. Four little old ladies watched the whole ceremony, and weird people took pictures–you do you, strange people. I MIGHT have gotten a bit teary-eyed. Okay, no, I DEFINITELY got teary-eyed. Overall, I am so, SO happy with our wedding. It was short, sweet, and to the point, but most of all it was me. It wasn’t overwhelming, and because it was so small I didn’t feel weird about being the center of attention. I am genuinely so happy to have married my husband. He builds me up when I tear myself down, he supports me when I’m at my lowest and my highest, and he makes me a better person, not because I’m with him, but because he makes me want to better myself (physically, mentally, and emotionally). He is my complement, and I am all the better for it.

Enjoy a few wedding pictures. YAY! In trying to be respectful to others I’ve tried to pick pictures that don’t really show people’s faces–although there is the one with the officiant, sorry.


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