I’m an impatient little thing, but at least I’m excited about upcoming changes

Life seems relatively quiet lately, but I think that’s only because we’re living with my grandparents. I mean my grandparents aren’t really in the throes of the hustle and bustle of life. They’re rocking the retired life. It all just seems like the calm before the storm, and I guess it is, really. We’ve got a lot of stuff coming up in the next few months. I’m a little worried it might become overwhelming, honestly, but then again, I am so beyond ready for everything.

As I said a couple posts ago, Herrball got a job offer. He’s not sure if it’s really what he wants, but he’s decided to accept it. It has pretty great benefits, and, in his words, it’ll be good for his future career. He starts relatively soon, so now we’ve got to find a place to live. Admittedly, the location isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but, hey, we can’t always live in paradise. With this move comes the opportunity to live in another state. While Herrball’s job is still in Georgia we’re going to try to live across the state-line. Why would we do that? Well, because Georgia sucks and has no reciprocity agreement with Germany for driver’s licenses. I do not want to have to take a driver’s test in Germany. It’s way too expensive. In order to solve that we’re just going to live in a state that has a reciprocity agreement. So hello Alabama. It looks like I will be calling you home in the near future.

Which leads me to my next “fun” upcoming event. HOUSE HUNTING (Please read that in the stereotypical horror house font. You know the one.) I like house hunting, oddly enough. I don’t, however, like the uncertainty that comes with it. Will I get this house? Do they allow pets? Is this in a good neighborhood? Is that guy standing over there an axe murderer, or is he just one of those nice people that likes to watch traffic and wave at people? Is the landlord going to be a crazy person, or are they normal? So. Many. Questions. I am so tired of what feels like constantly looking for a new place to live. In reality I haven’t had to look for places to live that often, it just feels that way. My university town also has like a handful of housing options. It was super competitive to find a place you could afford and that wasn’t owned by a certain landlady that’s had a string of dead husbands. What I’ve discovered about the area we’re moving to is that there’s a surprisingly large number of rentals out there, which makes me feel a bit more hopeful and relaxed. I’ve started compiling a list of possible housing options for us to send inquires about, hopefully we’ll be able to visit in the next few weeks, iron out the details, and have our things and cats in our new home within a month or two. The sooner the better, because I’m ready to be out of the basement.

With Herrball gone I may bounce from place to place until I finish my degree in December. I know wishing your life away is no way to live, but I do hope the next two and a half-ish months fly by. I’m ready to move on to the next great adventure. I’ll admit that I am a bit sad to leave friends, I mean I’ve just started to make new ones since my old ones graduated, but I want something new. That and school is killing me–mentally and creativity wise. I’m ready to get it all back, and to earn money to pay back my debt and save for moving. I’ve got a lot of sorority and school events to keep me busy for the next few months. Like this weekend I’m going to a corn maze–super excited!

I should probably be enjoying the quiet I’m experiencing right now, but this anticipation is killing me. I’m ready to get moving, to start my life with my husband, and to experience new things in new places. I’ve always been bad about wanting to run before I could walk. (Seriously, as a baby I got so livid because I couldn’t move fast enough.) I’ve got to force myself to slow down. I understand that everything will happen, it just takes time. Maybe I can one day get over my “everything needs to happen now” nonsense, but probably not–hey, I’m rational, sometimes.


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