Life isn’t as boring as we think it is

Sometimes I think my life is way too boring to keep a blog. I mean it is, but at the same time it kind of forces me to look at the mundane, or supposedly mundane, events of my life. Are they actually mundane or am I just comparing them to adventurous events of my life or someone else’s life? Of course going to the grocery store (unless it’s in a foreign country) or driving to and from school are boring, everyday activities that are common all over the world, but there are things that happen during each week that are, maybe not life altering, but entertaining, funny, interesting, etc. My life isn’t as boring as I’ve convinced myself it is. Doing similar things every day just dilutes the interesting bits. It’s high time I started noticing the little things. Like yesterday.

Yesterday one of my sorority sisters, that’s also obsessed in love with Germany, and I went to the lone German restaurant in town. A German-Swiss couple started it last year. Why they picked our little town I’ll never know, but they did–and I am so thankful for it. She’s never had German food before so when she found out there was a German restaurant in town we HAD to go. I’m always up for German food so I was in. She has Schnitzel and spaetzle with apfelstrudel and kinder chocolate for desert. It’s not a grand meal, but she loved every bite. I know it sounds cheesy, but watching people try and enjoy something for the first time that you already enjoy is so fascinating. In a weird way it’s kind of like watching someone fall in love–not completely, but it’s close.

She’s never been to Germany, but now has an invitation to our German wedding ceremony in May, and possibly, if we can go, an invitation to join us in Germany for a December trip. She’s over the moon. I’m kind of excited to experience something for the first time with someone else that’s experiencing it for the first time. HB (shortened version of Herrball), having grown up in Germany, has experienced a lot of the stuff I haven’t. It’s wonderful to experience things with him, but it’ll be really cool to be able to geek-out with someone over silly little things. I mean I still geek-out with HB, but he doesn’t get as excited as I’d like him too. Picture two girls squealing about how cool some stupid little knick-knack is and that’s about the excitement level I need every once in a while…or maybe I just think I need it. I don’t know, but I’ll find out one of these days.

It’s nice how seemingly mundane, every day things aren’t so boring when you actually think about it. Yes, I went to lunch with a friend, but I watched her become more interested in something we both love. It’s silly sounding, but it’s true. Little things aren’t so little when you actually look at them.


3 thoughts on “Life isn’t as boring as we think it is

  1. So true. Everything is as big or as little as you make it. And, of course, it depends on how you write it – it’s amazing the things people engage with! My Australian friend and I were absolutely ridiculous at our first Christmas market, but you need to do stuff like that with a foreigner – at least the first time!

    • You’re definitely right. The tedium of daily life is just a difficult thing to overlook at time. I’m sure it’s fascinating for HB to watch me enjoy things, but it’ll be really fun to have a friend to enjoy new things with.

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