I haven’t felt like writing for reasons that I’m still going through. [That’s just a vague cop-out for saying I’ve been super depressed lately and haven’t wanted to write] I’m not really sure I want to talk about them on my blog. I don’t mind talking about depression from time to time, but I really don’t want to make this a negative space. I couldn’t get out of the depressed head space so I didn’t want to write. I’m still kind of stuck there, but with the semester coming to a close I want to get back into something that I enjoy. If I can take back at least one thing that I enjoy I’ll have won. For now I’ll try to post every once in a while until I can get into the swing of things (a.k.a. get out of college in one piece and adjust into “real life”).

For some happy and exciting news our family is possibly growing. Yay for that! We’ll all find out if it’s official and all in a few weeks.


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