Meet the Cats

I realized that I haven’t introduced our furry monsters yet. Herrball and I are the happy live-in, domestic help for three fat cats. Well one is kind of average sized, but the other two are definitely fat. How exactly did we end up with three cats when normal people have one, maybe two? Well to be honest it just sort of happened.

I’ll start with Gatsby. I brought him into the relationship so he was the first cat. How I ended up with him, because I did end up with him, is a bit of a long story so I’ll do my best to slim it down, and make it interesting. A semi-stray cat popped out a litter of kittens at a friend of my mom’s house. So naturally I did my best to help find them homes. All but one, guess which, ended up with a family. The final kitten, Gatsby–at the time unnamed because you don’t name things unless you intend to keep them–was more difficult to find a home for. Something decided to attempt to snack on his head shortly after he was born so he had a rather nasty looking scab. Honestly, the poor thing looked like he had some disease. He couldn’t stay at the friends house so we, my mother and I, brought him home. I couldn’t drop him off at a “kill shelter” for obvious reason. I called every no-kill shelter from my college campus to almost Macon, GA. It’s about a two and a half to three hour drive. Every single shelter I called was not accepting any cats into their program. Awesome. So the little thing stuck around for a while, still nameless until Mama tried to call him Spot. No. That is a lazy name. Gatsby was much better. So I’d named him, crap. I don’t think I ever planned on giving him up, but actually naming him made me realize he was stuck with me. Four years later and he’s still here (YAY!). He’s a bit of a jerk, but can be a sweetheart when he wants to.

Next up, Jodie: Not too long after Herrball and I started dating he decided he wanted a cat. We spent over an hour in the shelter trying to find the “perfect cat” for Herrball. He wanted one that was playful, and enjoyed being loved on and being around people. We finally decided on “Gracie”–her shelter name. She loves attention, and Herrball is happy to oblige her. She usually looks at you like she disapproves of your life choices, and will sit in your lap because she’s needy and wants the attention.

Last, but not least, is our newest addition, Snarf. Yes his name is Snarf like the character from the Thundercats. We didn’t actually intend on getting a third cat. Well, I didn’t, but I’m sure HB did. We went to the shelter just to pet the kitties. Next thing I know we’re walking out the door with a massive fat cat. He isn’t the brightest, but he’s so incredibly sweet. He’s the cuddle-bug of the bunch. I couldn’t really picture our lives without him now.


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