I guess it’s time to come back.

I’ve wanted to blog for a while I just haven’t had the motivation. Several months ago I mentioned our family might be growing. It turns out it did. We have a new furry family member. tumblr_o0usi2tGd61qg236fo1_540

She’s a German Shorthaired Pointer named Nyx. We picked her up a bit before Christmas. Honestly, she’s a terror, but I’m rather fond of her. This weekend we’ll be taking her on her first hike. Hopefully I’ll remember my camera and take some pictures.

Besides moving life has been rather normal, except for the copious amounts of rain. Seriously it has rained so much since I moved down. Our backyard is a literal swamp. We have an obnoxious chorus of frogs, and a bunch of little tadpoles to replace their aging parents. Nothing too exciting has happened. Wait…buying our plane tickets for our next trip to Germany is exciting, so I take it back, something exciting has happened. We’ll be there in May for our second wedding ceremony. I always feel like I sound like a spoiled princess when I say “second wedding ceremony”, but it’s what it is. HB’s family deserves to see us married, and HB really wants a church wedding so second wedding it is. My parents and younger brother will be there. I am insanely happy to show my brother, and hopefully my friend as well (curse the cost of plane tickets), Germany.


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