A Discovery of the Historic Kind

So the plan to take Nyx, new puppy for those that don’t know, hiking fell though. Why? The park doesn’t allow dogs. Super lame, because I’ve been meaning to take HB there for years, but now that we’ve moved away it looks like we won’t be going ever (not a big deal it’s not that special). Instead we’ve been exploring the Riverwalk-a paved path along the Chattahoochee-and the adjacent streets in our new city.

The other day I “discovered” the historic district and the adorable houses within it. I haven’t explored my new home much, but so far I’m intrigued. It’s definitely different from the small mountain town I came from and the stuffy suburb I call home.

This weekend HB and I decided to do a bit more exploring in the historic district. We also took Nyx to the edge of the city so she starts to get used to city life (we’re moving in a year and a half or so, so hopefully she won’t be terrified of buses and trains by then). We may have overdone it with her, because there were so many people and new places to explore, but she did surprisingly well. I’ll probably add it to our daily walk some days. Might as well since we’ll be in the area.

Having someone there to help with the puppy makes taking pictures so much easier, so here are some of my favorite houses (and one church) from our wandering yesterday:


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