I’m falling short on my schedule. Is anyone surprised? Probably not.

This week I definitely failed in the blogging department. I planned on writing a blog post during the week and working on today’s post earlier, but Sunday is here and I’m just now starting. Procrastinating as usual. Okay, that’s only partially true. I was going to do a makeup tutorial. It was going to be funny, sort of. I’m awful at makeup, mainly because I rarely wear any; however, I wanted to try contouring for the first time ever. I was all ready to document this inevitably hilarious experience only to discover my pictures turned out horrible, and you couldn’t even really tell a difference. So there went my plan out the window. We haven’t really done anything too exciting or new lately. Last week we went to a new park to hike and explore. I posted some pictures on my blog’s instagram (don’t judge me).

I’m going to try to do an interview with HB so people can “meet” him. Hopefully I’ll be able to post it tonight, if not I’ll post it during the week. Next weekend we have a marriage retreat so I’ll have something exciting to write about, be it boring, awful, fun, or what-have-you. It’s bound to be interesting, because we’re bringing the dog along. Pray we don’t get kicked out for having her bark too often or something.


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