For anyone considering having children, but are worried about what it takes. Try a puppy first. I mean they’re not exactly the same. One is furry, walks on four legs, and has really sharp teeth, while the other has no teeth, screams a lot, and can be bald or mostly bald. If you overlook those silly little differences you can get to the basic similarities.

  • The both poo a lot. Like a lot.
  • Stuff is always going in their mouths. What did you just try to eat?! OPEN YOUR MOUTH RIGHT NOW!
  • If things are quiet something bad is happening. Nyx ripped up an entire roll of toilet paper the other day while I thought she was relaxing in the bathroom with me while I showered. WRONG!
  • Your sleeping schedule changes drastically. When we first brought Nyx home she woke us up ever three or four hours to go outside. HB and I hated life for a while.
  • There is a ridiculous communication barrier.
  • I’m pretty sure evolution made sure all young was cute so their mothers/parents would avoid killing them.

This puppy seriously had me considering if I could handle children. HB really wants them, but I’m on the fence. Children are just always so sticky. WHERE DOES THE STICKINESS COME FROM?! This new medication is definitely helping, though. I’m no longer crying over her incessant need to chew on my arms, clothes, and face…or her normal puppy behaviors. So maybe I can manage to cope, but that’ll definitely have to wait a few years. We need to be settled down (as in no moving across an ocean) before we start deciding on adopting.


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