A marriage retreat

This weekend HB and I had a chance to go to a marriage retreat put on by Strong Bonds. Well, I say had the chance, but what I really mean is HB’s superiors highly recommended we go–“highly recommend” means “you better be at this”–and HB also wanted an extra day off so he signed us up. I can’t pretend like I wasn’t interested in it, too. I mean, even though we have a pretty solid marriage you can always learn better ways to communicate and build an even stronger relationship. The entire thing was paid for so we didn’t have to spend money on anything but the gas it took us to get there. That was pretty good for us, because we’re broke. Sort of…gotta save, save, save for the big move, ya know?

We do not currently have a pet sitter so Nyx had the luxury of joining us on this little weekend getaway. Lucky for her, because she got to visit the beach for the first time ever. After a five hour drive–gross–we finally made it to Ponte Vedra. Apparently it’s a pretty well known place if you follow golf, I guess. It’s on the PGA tour. [It will be there May 12-15. Yes I looked it up.] The main hotel was really nice, but we got stuck in the villas because of Nyx. Thanks, pup. Our room was TINY, but that wasn’t much of an issue since we weren’t in the room often.

Friday’s class was mostly the typical “Hello my name is” routine. The gentleman giving the class asked what we wanted to get out of the weekend. Communication won by a landslide. First lesson was on listening. seems like a good place to start if your communication isn’t so great.

Saturday was the long day. We dove deeper into communication, and how certain people communicate. We were divided into extroverts and introverts. Most couples were split 50/50–one partner being the extrovert and the other being the introvert. There was one extrovert/extrovert couple, and then HB and I made up the introvert/introvert couple. Supposedly introvert/introvert couples usually have the most solid relationships, because we get to know one another on a deeper level before jumping into marriage. I’m going to choose to believe this is true to boost my own ego. We also discussed how resentment is formed, and how to avoid resenting your spouse. If you allow a small issue, or a pebble in your shoe, become a big issue then you’re opening the doorway for resentment towards your significant other down the line. Overcoming that issue goes back to communication.

We were let out of the class early Saturday which gave HB and I time to take Nyx to the beach. Finding the public beach access was almost impossible. They’ve packed the houses in like sardines so you can’t even catch a glimpse of the ocean until you’re at it. She is not a fan of waves, but other than that enjoyed herself.

We spent most of yesterday driving back after a quick wrap-up and group picture. So rather than write this out yesterday I chose to cook, do laundry, and relax. I’ve really got to get better about posting on the day I say I will. I have, at least, gotten a bit better about posting once a week. I’ve started compiling a list of things to blog about, and actually trying to outline future blog posts to make them more fun to read (Unlike this one. I’m sorry, I’m still so tired).


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