The Boob: a.k.a. one of the best, yet silliest, gifts I’ve ever recieved

Anyone have a gift, or gifts, that is so ridiculous you should probably hide from people yet you choose to bring it out and explain it’s origin? No? Okay, just me then, I guess.

During my freshman year of university I met some of the best people ever (I met even more later, but these were my first college friends). One of these was a giant of a ginger man. This particular ginger has a great sense of humor as well as a large heart. During the spring he went off to Mardi Gras with a group from the school to compete in a competition. Before he left he asked us what we would like as a gift. Because I don’t necessary like for people to spend money on me I told him that I wanted “a gift that was 1. free or really cheap, and 2. had an interesting story to it.”

He didn’t disappoint. He brought me back a (stress ball) boob…actually he chucked it at me as soon as he got into the dorm room, but that’s just what you do with the boob. He found it in a gutter on Bourbon Street, which means it was probably covered in pee, puke, and beer, lovely. It has since had a plethora of washes in hand sanitizer and soap.

Since my freshman year the boob has followed me from dorm to dorm, then house to house, and now from state to state. It has been with me through all of my important friendships, because to be a true friend you have to take a flying boob to the face at least once. It’s one of those gifts that’s just so ridiculous and silly that you can’t even think to get rid of it, and then the memories you’ve made with your friends attach themselves to it making it impossible for it to ever leave your home. It will follow me to Germany, and when my friends visit and ask about the boob, because the ones that know about it usually do, it’ll make an appearance as it flies across the room, and the memories will grow. It’s funny how a silly gift can hold such importance, especially one that is shaped like a boob.


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