I Met A Childhood Celebrity Crush Once.

Children often have weird “crushes”. One of mine was on a country singer named Travis Tritt.

As you can see kid Brittany had some seriously great taste. Not only did he have a mullet, but he also rocked denim on denim. In my defense I was between the ages of 2 and 6, and adored his music. [Side note: he taught me how to spell my first word (trouble)] I loved this man so much I told people I was going to marry him when I was old enough, and if anyone said I couldn’t or he was too old I would pitch a fit. No one got between me and my future man or there would be screaming and crying to deal with.

My mother, knowing how much I loved Travis Tritt, took me to one of his concerts. You might be thinking “oh that’s so nice of her to take her weirdly obsessed daughter to one of his concerts.” And you would be right, but then she upped the ante. My mom and her friend snuck (or sneaked if you’d prefer) backstage so that we could meet my future husband idol. Luck was on our side, because we did meet him. But instead of being excited I decided to be shy and hide my face from him. My mom was so annoyed with me. I’m pretty sure she still is. All that work and sneaking just so I could meet him and I didn’t even say one word to him. Sorry, Mama, I’m pretty sure I was just dazzled by the hair.


2 thoughts on “I Met A Childhood Celebrity Crush Once.

  1. Cute story! My crush at that age was Kenny Rogers!! 🤣 But that was 40 years ago so it’s kinda the same age difference between you/Travis and me and Kenny!

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