Mini-update on life coming up (super boring because I’ve been off the blogging bicycle for a bit too long)

Tomorrow we’re leaving for Germany again, and this time something is off. I’m almost never bummed to leave Georgia for Germany, but not this time. Truth be told I’m not even sad to leave Georgia, I’m just sad to leave my dog. At least when I left my cats in the past I knew they could entertain themselves and they’d be A-okay as long as someone was feeding them and cleaning their litter boxes, but with this darn dog I’m so worried about her. I’ve basically become a hover parent for my four-legged furry alligator in disguise.

Aside from the unnecessary over-worrying I’m currently doing I can’t wait to hop on the plane. HB and I are having our second wedding ceremony this upcoming Saturday. I honestly thought that I couldn’t plan less than I did for my first ceremony, but I was wrong. HB’s poor sister, mom, aunt, and best man have had the Herculean task of planning this wedding with little input from us. I am basically just going to show up and have them tell me where to go. I never really dreamed of having “My Dream Wedding,” or a wedding at all after my super fun panic attack from attempting to plan my first wedding (Thanks, Brain!), so I’m pretty relieved I didn’t really have to plan anything.

My family, well some of them, will be there as well so that’s super exciting. I get to introduce my little brother to Germany, and I can’t wait.


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