Once again, sorry for my absence. Blogging while rushing around Germany didn’t work out like I thought it would so I just avoided it to save my sanity.

Life has gotten a bit hectic around here. Yesterday we found four kittens at a park. A woman that walks there every day said she hasn’t seen them until today so she thought someone just left them. I really hope we didn’t take four kittens from their mom, but HB and I couldn’t leave them where they were. They would have gotten hit by a car or an awful person would have found them and hurt them, so now there are four tiny, screaming fluff balls running around my bathroom. On top of that Nyx is jealous and being overly demanding, and I’ve started yoga.

I’ve been putting off yoga for months now. Last Friday I finally decided it was time to just go for it. Honestly, I’m glad I went. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, but I was a lot more sore than I thought I would be. Lesson number two was supposed to be this morning, but with all the animals plus not enough sleep I decided to put it off until tonight. Fingers crossed it’ll be as fun as the first lesson was.

I’m trying to take the doctor’s suggestion seriously and be more athletic and get out of the house more often. My ultrasound on my kidneys came back all clear, and my blood work came back all clear so my doctor doesn’t really know why my blood pressure is high or why my hives are still around. I saw an Allergist, and luckily I don’t have allergies. Sadly, I have chronic hives. Guess that’s still better than allergies, though.

I’ll try to have a post about our wedding up by Wednesday or Sunday. I’m not really going to talk about how to get married in Germany, because we were legally married in the U.S. so that means things were a little different for us. Until then, have a wonderful week!


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