I’m super into yoga now

That’s such a “Basic White Girl” thing to say, but it’s kind of true. After my doctor and counselor stressed how much I need some sort of exercise and human contact I decided to give it a try. I started in June, and it was a bumpy start. I only went for a week and a half before I took two and a half weeks off. In my defense I physically could not lay on my back which is necessary in yoga. When I finally went back things were different. Probably because I’d gone back on antidepressants. I actually wanted to continue. Which was a BIG deal. I do not like to exercise, but here yoga is making me get off the couch. And not only that, but enjoying it, too.

I’m not strong. Not by a long shot, but I’m becoming stronger. Who knows where it will lead, but it’s an interesting journey. One that’s led me to my next adventure: meditation. Saturday I will be learning to meditate at a workshop at the yoga studio. I’m interested in seeing where all of this will take me. Hopefully to a place that’s a bit more peaceful and in the present, because I’ve been living in the both the past and future far too much. I need to focus on the now and worry less. We’ll see how it goes!











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