Yoga Mats

Yoga mats: Not entirely necessary, but nice to have. I bought my mine at Target for about 20 dollars. I’ve owned it for five or six years, but it wasn’t until June that I actually used it. It’s now starting to crumble after just three-ish months of use. That’s not the only issue I have with it, though. I’m constantly slipping out of poses because of what it’s made of, and this is during a regular non hot yoga session. That, and it’s entirely too tiny. I am a rather petite human, but part of me seems to always be off my mat. It’s starting to become a little annoying. I love the little squishy thing, but I think it’s getting close to time to let it go.

I bought a Manduka Shama rug to toss over the top of my child’s sized yoga mat to help with the slipping issue until I got a new mat. I’ve only practiced on it once since buying it it. It’s different. It has little ridges that are meant to help with your alignment that will take some getting used to, but overall I like it.

I’d intended on waiting until Christmastime to ask for a new mat, but HB, in all his sweetness, has convinced me to go ahead and get one. Not that it took that much convincing, especially since I found the mat of my dreams (I hope). I like to eyeball all the mats in class to get an idea of what I like and want. The most common mats are the cheap ones like mine, but there are a few nicer ones as well. I’m one of those obnoxious people that will ask to touch your mat and all sorts of random questions about it while you’re either trying to leave or waiting for class to start. The ones that kept catching my eye were the Manduka Pros and Prolites.

The biggest benefit to Manduka is the lifetime warranty. I mean if I’m going to pay a pretty penny on a yoga mat I want to make sure it’ll hold up or I’ll be able to have it replaced. I don’t want to continuously pay for a new mat as it wears out. It won’t crumble like my current mat. It’s thick, but firm. And it won’t let bacteria in which is ideal if you’re into hot yoga (I am not). Plus it comes in some super rad colors.

One of my yoga teachers let me borrow her Manduka Pro mat during class on Thursday. It was insanely different from my current mat, but in a great way. I didn’t realize how off my balance was. My mat is squishy and helps support me which is nice if you’re extremely clumsy, but bad if you want to be less clumsy. The Pro is really firm and forces you get stronger on your own. So, because I lack self-control, my  new mat is on its way to me. I’m like a giddy little kid on Christmas, coincidentally when I was going to get the mat.


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