D.C. For A Day

This past weekend HB and I decided to go to D.C. to visit a friend for a day. That’s about a 12 hour drive from where we currently live, rest stops included. You might be asking yourself what would possess someone to drive 12 hours to spend one day in the nation’s capital? Well, you might remember that we went to Moscow for a weekend to visit a friend as well. It’s the same friend. I’m telling you this broship is very serious. I’m the awkward third wheel in this relationship (not really. We’re all one big happy family).

After driving for 12 hours we finally made it to D.C. completely exhausted, but instead of going to sleep what did we do? We went to the movies to see Rogue One, which turned out to be a wonderful movie. These party animals ended up crashing at 3 in the morning. WHY DO WE DO THIS TO OURSELVES?! 

We started the following day with brunch, because according to our friend D.C. loves brunch. Honestly, I don’t really remember the name of the restaurant even though it was delicious, probably because the waiter kept referring to me, and our group as sirs. I am a lady, damn it! I just happen to be a lady with short hair. The rest of the day was spent meandering around the city. A small note: if anyone is planning on traveling to Washington D.C. in the very near future be aware that there is a ridiculous, hideous structure being built in front of the White House (thanks Trump), and the entire block is blocked off so you won’t be able to get many decent pictures.

As happy as we are that we went, this trip has definitely made us question some future road trips. We were planning on driving to visit family in Rhode Island when they move, but neither of us are really up for a 17+ hour drive one way. I think my distaste of road trips might finally be rubbing off on HB…probably not, but a girl can dream.


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