I’ve become such a Christmas Grump

I never intended to be, though. Does anyone really set out wanting to be a scrooge-like? Probably not, unless you’re just an all around horrible person in general, then you might. I’ve always loved the holidays, and spending time with family, but over the years I’ve noticed a growing feeling that gift giving is what’s important rather than being with your loved ones. I’ve found that we just collect things as some sort of social status marker rather than investing in things that truly matter: loved ones.

I’m no different. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I like things. I put way too much emotion into my possessions. If something I like breaks I will feel an overwhelming sense of sadness at the loss of a thing. It can almost always easily be replaced, so it isn’t a true loss. Often these things we collect just end up stashed in a drawer, box, or closet somewhere never to be seen again until the yearly clean-up comes where you go through your stuff and keep, donate, or trash things. The keep pile is always the largest, and filled with things you don’t need yet can’t part with. So those things end up back in their dust collecting places of solitude.

The holidays seem to encourage this. Or rather, society seems to encourage this during the holidays. If you don’t get each person in your family a gift, or if it isn’t a “good” gift–you didn’t spend enough money/it wasn’t on their list–you’re a bad family member, which is just ridiculous. I truly wish things would change for the better where the importance of the season is placed upon something greater than things, but until then I’ll continue to be bitter and salty about it. And of course I’ll still give gifts, usually in the form of a gift card, because I am an awful gift giver–at least it allows people to choose what they want themselves.


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