I’m a graduate now, so it’s time to act like it. Or, I’m applying for all the jobs I can get my grubby little hands on

I’ve start the daunting task of applying for “big girl” jobs. Applying for jobs is already overwhelming and terrifying, but I feel like it becomes a bit scarier after you graduate. I mean I’ve got a good bit riding on getting a job. A.k.a. I HAVE SO MANY LOANS (thank you American University system, and thank you, Brittany, for taking so long to graduate).

Seeing as I am an American I have a Resume. Cool beans! But not really, because as usual the rest of the world has all pretty much agreed to using a CV for job applications. I did not have a CV. I had no idea where to even begin creating one. To be honest, I still have no idea. It just kind of came together magically like my Resume did. Thanks to my wonderful Sister-in-law and her boyfriend I managed to put together a CV that I’m not ashamed to send out. I won’t pretend like I have some great CV with killer experience, because I do not. I worked in retail, was a student assistant, and then rocked the Hausfrau life until now…well I’m still rocking that life, but actively trying to change that. I mean it’s only fair for me to work so HB can (hopefully) get his Master’s degree without having to work.

Last night I sent in my first application, and I’m still kind of riding on the excitement from it. Everything about the company seems so interesting and exciting. The only downfall, more of a bummer, really, is that it’s so far away from where HB and his family will be. We’d have to spend life long-distance for a while, but that’s okay. We’ll live. I’m putting the cart before the horse. I need to get the job before I start worrying about where I’ll be living in relation to everyone else. I’ve got a long list of job openings to get through. I’m excited to see what the outcome will be (a job, hopefully).

Everything is becoming very real, very quickly. Until recently, moving to Germany was just an idea, something that, sure, was going to happen, but it wasn’t real. Now it’s glaring me directly in the face and I just realized how absolutely terrified I truly am. There have been a few times where I’ve wanted to tell HB that we should just stay here with what we (read: I) know, but I haven’t. At least not seriously. We’ve started putting our ducks in a row in preparation for the move (we’ve hired a pet moving company, I’m applying to jobs, we’re getting paperwork together, etc). It’s no longer an intangible future event. It’s happening. To be a bit more precise: it’s happening in 8 months. That is if I don’t have a job offer and move before then–fingers crossed and thumbs pressed!


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