Here, have a cookie. No really, eat the cookie.

I don’t believe I’ve talked about HB’s Oma too often on here, but my love for her knows no limits (Opa, too). I swear it is her mission in life to feed me until I pop. I am convinced most grandmothers around the world have this agenda: force feed anyone that walks into their door.

For those not in the know, I am a grazer that eats like a bird. I will munch throughout the day, but it’s rare that I will eat a whole lot in one sitting. To Oma this is just unacceptable, because it looks like I hardly eat. (I swear I do) HB is usually with me so I can push the food off onto him, but there have been a few times where he hasn’t been there. The most memorable time being a few years ago during HB’s study at home abroad. He got a job at the restaurant his sister was working at at the time so there were a few afternoons and evenings where he wasn’t there. Like the completely non-ridiculous human being I am, I would hide in our room while he was gone so I wouldn’t have to feel like a fish out of water when Oma wanted to chat. (I’m getting better about trying to communicate)

One day after walking HB to work Oma asked me if I wanted dinner. I tried my damnedest to tell her that I would eat when HB came home so he didn’t have to eat alone. About an hour later she asked again if I wanted food. I said no. Well five minutes later Opa comes in with a metal tin. Most metal tins I’ve been around either have sewing supplies or cookies. I’m sure you can figure out what was in the tin. Opa opened the tin and shook it at me. He didn’t say a single thing. Just coyly smiled at me while shaking the cookie tin in my direction. What did I do? Say no thank you? I did, but he still shook the tin so I took a cookie. Oma decided I’d said no to her one to many times when it came to food so she sent in back-up. Moral of the story: eat the damn food when it’s offered to you or a sweet Opa will be sent in with explicit instructions not to leave until he sees you eat at least part of a cookie you didn’t think you wanted. You’re wrong. You want that cookie. Appease Oma and Opa and eat.


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