Sometimes looking like idiot is okay

I am a perfectionist. Well, I’m a perfectionist in the sense that if I can’t do something perfectly then I don’t do it. I do not like looking like an idiot, or like I don’t know something. But, things are changing.

A few months ago I started Tae Kwon Do, and being a 25 year old beginner is full of the horrid awkwardness of not knowing something and looking like a complete dunderhead. Have you ever seen someone that has almost zero control of their body; because, that’s exactly what it looked like when I started. Since starting Tae Kwon Do I’ve realized that no one expects you to be able to know how to do something as a beginner, and I’ve started to let go of my perfectionism. I know I look like a idiot with my arms and legs flailing about while I try, and oh God do I try, to master a kick, punch, or block, but you know what? So does everyone else when they’re learning something new. It’s just so much easier to laugh at myself when I get absolutely lost in a form or during floor drills than to beat myself up. I don’t have the time to beat myself up over a mistake anyway.

It’s really freeing to just do something without focusing on doing everything perfectly all the time. And you know the best thing? It’s starting to leak over into other aspects of my life. I’m becoming more comfortable speaking German with HB, and having fun at Agility (although that’s over for the year. SAD!), for example. It’s great! What positive, yet, unintended consequences have happened to you when you started a new hobby?


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