Brittany explores Georgia: Providence Canyon

Last weekend HB, Nyx, and I found ourselves in the back of my parent’s loaner car heading to Providence Canyon State Park for my step-dad’s birthday. Providence Canyon, also called “the little Grand Canyon,” is about a 45-50 minute drive south of Columbus, Georgia, not Ohio. It is an absolutely stunning sight, but unlike the actual Grand Canyon, it isn’t made out of rock. It’s actually made out of topsoil, clay, and sand. Water did have an important role in the creation of both canyons, though. Where it took millions of years for a river to carve out the Grand Canyon, it took what must feel like the blink of an eye for erosion–thanks to poor farming–to wash away the loose soil and create the canyon we see today in Georgia. I would be lying if I said I knew any of this before visiting the canyon. I, along with the rest of my family, thought it was a purely natural rock formation exactly like the Grand Canyon just in Georgia._DSC2583_DSC2576

Even if it’s not as awe inspiring as I would assume the Grand Canyon is, it’s still a breathtaking view. Especially when you think about how quickly it was formed in comparison to its larger, more solid cousin. I think it should also be noted that as beautiful as the canyon is, it should also be a reminder to take care of the land because if we don’t there can be drastic consequences…at least this one is nice to look at. We lose nothing by taking care of the place we live.

If you’re in the area, or like my parents and want to visit Georgia’s historical sites, I definitely recommend visiting the park. Although, I would consider waiting until it isn’t hot enough to melt your face off. Also, it should be noted that the floor of the canyon is wet and sandy–two things that never mix well–so be sure to wear shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. And don’t be like one lady we saw and wear fancy sandals. You will regret it.


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