I was well aware of the whole no kitchen thing when moving into apartments in Germany, but what I didn’t know about was the lighting situation…or rather, the lack of it. Upon walking into the apartment and flipping the light switch I realized we didn’t have any light. Actually all we had were some very scary looking wires sticking out of the ceiling. With the exception of the kitchen we paid for a few days before, HB and I were completely unprepared for living in our new home. Fast forward a week and our apartment is almost completely put together. All we need is a couch, coffee table, and a few little bits and bobs.

HB and I are finally feeling a bit more settled. I’ve had my first appointment with the foreigner’s office, and now have the correct application; which is, minus a few signatures and proof of insurance, filled out and ready to go. Now we just have to wait and wait, and wait some more for a second appointment. During that appointment I should finally figure out when and where my integration and language course(s) will be. FINALLY! It’s very isolating and annoying not being about to accurately communicate with anyone. I’m sure once I’m actively in a course I’ll be a lot less enthusiastic, but as of right now I am excited.


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